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Social Bar & Grill: Three-Floor Venue, Amazing Cocktail List

Social Bar & Grill: Three-Floor Venue, Amazing Cocktail List

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The Theatre District in New York City can be extremely overwhelming for natives and tourists alike. I typically avoid it at all costs, but there are some unexpected, tucked away gems there, like Social Bar & Grill.

Men in suits and women in business casual swarm this place for happy hour. If you didn’t know what time it was, by the looks of this scene you’d think it was 11:30 on a Saturday evening.

But it’s almost a crime not to go to Social for happy hour, because from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM Monday through Friday, every drink on their specialty drinks menu (created by bartender Frank) is $5. The menu has some really innovative combinations, and some of the highlights that we sampled were the mango margarita, a refreshing blend of mango puree, Herradura Silver Tequila, and Cointreau, and the “Dread Head,” a drink that packs quite a punch, made with Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Rum, 99 Bananas, fresh pineapple juice, melon liqueur, and sloe gin. My personal favorite was the coconut mojito, a mix of Bacardi Coconut, top soda, and fresh mint that was perfectly cool, light, and a little sweet.

A staple to their drink menu is the sweet but tangy Pomegranate Lemondrop Martini made with Stoli Citron, fresh lemon juice, and pomegranate juice. The glass was rimmed in sugar and bruleed in a special process by bartender Frank. While it’s known more for its drinks, Social’s food was pretty delicious as well. The Dubliner burger was done well, topped with bacon and Cheddar and finished with a great sauce. The Brie, mango, and avocado grilled cheese was just the right amount of crazy to be delicious, and it really stood out. Their drinks and food are different than what other places are doing, and with a three-floor venue, nothing in the area really compares.

Welcome to Henry’s Restaurant, Bar & Music Hall

Henry’s is centrally located in historic downtown Charleston at 54 North Market Street, across from the Charleston city market. Established in 1932, Henry’s is the oldest continuous restaurant in Charleston and the state of South Carolina.

Henry’s offers the best of Charleston: a historic, eclectic restaurant and bar featuring live music, a beautiful southern porch and rooftop deck, an exclusive dance lounge, and a classic speakeasy bar. Since 1932, Henry’s is still the place to be. We promise, once you enter our door, you will not want to leave!

11am to 2am (Mon-Thurs) and 10am to 2am (Fri – Sun) with brunch available until 3pm all weekend long

Covid restrictions apply for all local guidelines

Mask will be required upon entering until seated

15 Bar Events Ideas

Bars need to stay relevant in order to stay competitive and keep attracting customers.

Let’s face it: your bar could look amazing, but if you don’t have customers then looking amazing isn’t going to count for much. As a bar owner or manager, one of your biggest challenges is to not only attract new customers, but to keep your existing customers coming back. You’ve got to provide a reason for them to want to hang out at your bar, aside from just offering a place to share drinks with friends or dance the night away.

This reason can come in the form of interesting bar events or enticing bar promotions.

So, you’ll need to do a little brainstorming to come up with a series of promotions and bar events to bring in the kind of customers you want.


Before you even begin to draw up a list of ideas, though, you’ll need to think about the type of establishment you’re running, where it’s located and exactly what kind of people you’re hoping to attract.

In order to figure out what sort of bar events you should host, you must first consider what you are working with:

Is it a neighborhood pub?

Is it a sports bar?

Is it a concept bar?

Is it in a hotel?

Is it a dance club?

Does it cater mostly to college students, or some other age range?

Does it cater to a particular lifestyle?

Hosting a Pay Per View sports event may work in a sports bar, a neighborhood pub, or even a hotel bar, for example, but it likely wouldn’t work for a dance club.

Likewise, having a theme night or hosting guest DJs might work for a dance club, but it would have no place in a sports bar.

So you see, not every promotion or bar event idea will work in every type of bar.

Coming up with new bar events ideas to promote your bar each month is never easy, so we’ve put together a list of what has worked for us in the past in order to help you take some of the guesswork out of the job.

These bar events and promotional ideas will help you add a little spice to your venue, so that you can attract more customers and end up with a wider profit margin at the end of the month.

Try what you think will work for your bar, or maybe just use these bar events ideas as inspiration to help you come up with your own.

As a side note, you’ll notice that a few of the ideas offered below focus on food. This is because the liquor laws in many parts of the world make it difficult to offer discounted liquor. In Ontario, for example, the practice of offering discounted alcohol during “happy hour” was banned in 1984 because the provincial government there felt that offering discounted drinks put far too many intoxicated drivers on the road.

Bar Event and Bar Promotion Ideas to Boost Your Bottom Line

If you’re handy with tools, a shooter paddle is something you can make yourself. All you need are planks of wood that are 3-6ft long and about 1/2″ thick. You’ll need to drill some holes big enough so that your shot glasses fit in but don’t slide right through, with equal spacing between the holes. Then, paint your logo on them and varnish the whole thing.

A shooter paddle can be made to accommodate 6 to 12 shots. You can make a few different sizes, to offer your customers a choice. If you aren’t handy with tools, or you just want something that looks a little more polished, you can purchase Paddle Shotz through our online store.

Festive Cocktails

Holidays can be made into popular bar events, and popular holiday bar events practically beg for a signature cocktail. Every time there is a holiday (Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, the Super Bowl), try to create a signature cocktail for it. In the case of St. Patrick’s Day, a lot of pubs take the easy route and serve green beer. Why not shake things up a little and create something your customers will love? You can find a list of cocktail recipes for all the major holidays and popular events here.

Food & Drink Combos

You can use food to draw customers in for your bar events. Try tying your food specials to drinks. For example, you could think about offering .20 tacos when customers order a pitcher of beer, or .15 wings with a pint of beer, or a $3 salad with the purchase of a cocktail. Instead of offering discounted drinks for Happy Hour, you can try offering discounted appetizers to draw your customers in.

Pairing Food with Sports Specials

Any time there is a big sporting event, you can entice customers to your bar event by adding select food and drink specials to the menu just for that day. For example, you could offer $5 personal pizzas during a UFC match, or $.15 wings during football games.

Shooter of the Day

Create a new shooter recipe every day and promote it as the “Shooter of the Day.” Like the Beers of the World Promotion below, you can give out punch or stamp cards to encourage repeat customers. Every time the customer tries a new shooter, they get a punch or a stamp. After they purchase 10, they get a prize. If you’re a bit stuck for ideas, you can find lots of shooter recipes here.

Beers of the World Promotion

If your beer menu includes a variety of beers from around the world, then you’ve got a promotion pretty much built-in. Likewise, if local brews are a favorite in your town, you could think about doing something with those.

Like the Shooter of the Day promo above, you can offer a different beer each day, and provide customers with a punch or stamp card that allows them to win a prize once they’ve gotten 10 stamps or punches.

There’s a digital option for this, too: you can employ a punchcard app so that customers can use their smartphones instead of carrying around a card.

Animal Sports Races

If you show sporting events, you can ramp up your customers’ energy by offering a little sporting event of your own before the game.

You’ll want something that won’t dart off and wreak havoc in your bar, so mice and rats are right out of the question. We’ve found that turtles or hermit crabs work nicely. You can use water-soluble paint to decorate their shells in each team’s colors. Make sure you set up a mini arena for them to race in. If you race them before the game, the winner will be your predicted winner for the game.

You can also “reset” them each quarter to see if one will come from behind and get to the end zone first.

Sponsoring Local Teams

It’s always good PR to find ways to give back to your community. Find a local sports team, and offer to sponsor them by paying for their jerseys, as long as they agree to meet at your bar after each of their games. Naturally, the jerseys you provide them with would have your bar’s logo on them. You can sweeten the pot for the team by including food and drink specials in the deal. Before long, you’ll find that the team members come back on their days off, and they bring friends or family. More new customers for you!

Sports Pools

Sports pools are always popular. You could run football, hockey or basketball pools at your bar to bring in a solid group of regulars who like to come to your bar to watch the games and check their stats. If you don’t want to involve money in the prizes, you’ve still got options:

Free drinks

Promotional items from your beer and alcohol reps

Dinner for two

Super VIP passes

A trip for two

Your customer’s own nameplate on the bar

The list of possibilities goes on and on, if you are creative. Make it something that you would come back over and over again to try and win.

Shooter Luge

During a special event, try something that will make your bar stand out: an ice shooter luge. These are basically mini luge runs for your shooters. Shooter luges can be made in any shape and, in addition to adding a little of the “wow factor” to your event, they offer a nifty way for your bartender to chill the shooters before they get to the customer. You can either look for a local ice sculptor in your area, or you can buy a reusable shooter luge.

Jello Shot Syringes

Jello shots are a beautiful thing. They are popular, they have a quick turnover, and you can have a little fun with how they are served.

You can find a list of jello shot recipes here. Jello Shot Syringes are typically cheaper to make than regular shots and, because it’s a novelty, customers will want to come back and try new flavors every week. You can give it a try one night with the 25 Jello Shot Combo Pack, which even includes a rack for presentation!

Bar Contests

A lot of bar contests tend to focus on activities that border on being sexual, or that get bar customers to do silly things.

With that fact in mind, we’ve put together a list of bar contests we’ve had success with in different venues in the past. These contests can be used on their own, or in conjunction with your other bar events.

Hula Hoop Contest

This contest works best later in the evening, when your customers have loosened up a bit and are more willing to show off their hula hoop skills in public. You can either have individuals face off against each other, or you can have pairs work together to keep the hula hoop up. For a bit more of a challenge, you can give contestants tasks to do while they are trying to keep the hula hoop up, such as taking a drink, walking to the bar and back and so on.

The Frozen Lemon

This is one contest that get a quite sexual, so you need to

make sure you know the temperament of crowd in your bar, so you can gauge what they’ll find acceptable. Before you start the contest, you’ll need to put a few whole lemons in the freezer overnight. This contest is played with a couple, so you can use an actual couple or a pair of customers randomly chosen from the crowd.

The frozen lemon is placed on the inside of the man’s pant leg. The goal is for the woman to move the lemon- under the clothing- from one leg to the other. Remember: only the women are allowed to use their hands. The winning couple is the one who gets the lemon to the other pant leg first.

Roll and Plunger Contest

The Roll and Plunger Contest is a bit sexual in nature so, like the Frozen Lemon contest, you will want to gauge your audience for appropriateness first. To play it, you will need several couples that are either actual couples or that are chosen randomly from the crowd.

There are 3 rounds in this contest:

Round 1: Have the women stand on one side of the room with a roll of toilet paper between their legs. The men should be standing on the other side of the room, holding a toilet plunger between their legs with the handle out front. The men have to walk over to their partner while holding the plunger between their legs, without losing grip on it and without using their hands to hold it up.

Round 2: This round starts the same, but this time the women must try to hold the toilet paper roll between their legs while walking over to their partners. Again, they can’t use their hands.

Round 3: The name of this round is speed! The object is to see which couple can get the toilet paper roll on the handle of the plunger the fastest, without using their hands at all.

If anyone drops their toilet paper roll or plunger, they have to start again. Once all 3 rounds are finished, announce the winning couple.

Eating Contests

Naturally, there are tons of drinking contests you can run, but these can sometimes devolve into contests of who can handle the most alcohol. This is a recipe for disaster! You don’t need the legal hassle that can come with getting your guests severely intoxicated. You certainly don’t want to be on the hook for cleaning up the mess afterward.

If you throw away the drinking contests and stick with food instead, your customers will still have fun and your bar can still enjoy the increased business that comes with your customers having fun. Here are a few examples of popular eating contests:

Hot Dog Eating Contest: Boil a bunch of plain hot dogs for the event. Put them into buns, and hold a contest to see who can eat the most. The prize could be the winning contestant’s drink of choice, dinner for two, or some swag from your beer alcohol reps. .

Banana Eating Contest: This one is for the ladies. You run it the same way you run the hotdog eating contest, except that it uses bananas. You can increase the level of challenge by pairing people up and taking away the use of their hands.

Watermelon Eating Contest: This contest is fun because it’s messy. You can have contestants take part individually, or you can pair them up. In this case, one person would feed the other, and then vice versa.

There are literally hundreds of different bar promotions and bar events that you can run to bring in more customers and increase your revenue. What we’ve provided here is a good place to start, but it really is just a start.

You can follow the links below to find additional bar events ideas. Be sure to leave a comment if you know of some cool bar events and promotion ideas to share with our readers.


Anchorage seafood landmark Momma O's yielded to financial pressures of COVID-19 in May after serving customers for nearly 40 years. Another Anchorage staple, The Perfect Cup, announced on Facebook in August that the Dimond Center Mall establishment would be shuttering after nearly 50 years. "I am more saddened by this, than any other closure to date. I really loved coming here, and I came every week. Your staff, service, food and range of hot teas were the best, and this news is awful," commented one heartbroken customer.

Founded in Dallas, TX off of Greenville Avenue - Chili's was always one of the most delightful of Dallas dives. Through the years, Chili's Bar area is the perfect spot to end an evening with an ice cold beer, a Presidente Margarita, or a $5 Margarita of the Month.

Need something to pair with the extensive bar selection? Start with a Triple Dipper and go from there. Need more to savor at the bar with a delicious frozen margarita? If you're solo, check out 3 for $10. Dining with a friend for dinner? We got you covered with our $25 Meal for 2.

4. Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, Fort Lauderdale

The Bonnet House courtyard

One of Fort Lauderdale’s exclusive historic gems, the landmarked Bonnet House Museum & Gardens is an elegant 1920s-era property surrounded by hibiscus gardens, orchids and a tree canopy providing lots of shade. The 35-acre property sits between the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Intracoastal Waterway to the west. Bonnet House is a haven for migratory birds, and manatees occasionally seek refuge in the estate’s Boathouse Canal. The Bonnet House can host virtually any size of group.

Rooftop Bars & Restaurants to Check Out in DC

It's always the right time to head out on the town, find the nearest rooftop bar and order up your favorite cocktail or draft beer. During happy hour or any hour, feel the breeze and ease back at these District locales that have set up shop up top for your warm-weather pleasure.

Top of the Gate at The Watergate Hotel

The luxurious Watergate Hotel is a centerpiece of the Foggy Bottom neighborhood. Head to the sophisticated Top of the Gate and take in 360-degree rooftop views of the nation’s capital while sipping specialty cocktails and noshing on artisanal pizzas. Top of the Gate will be reopening on April 2, 2021. Check out their website for more information and how to make a reservation.

12 Stories

So you already know that The Wharf is the District’s warm-weather place to be, right? Well, be sure to stop by the InterContinental Washington, DC - The Wharf rooftop as your next must-visit drinks spot. 12 Stories is the first DC venture from the minds behind New York City mainstay Mr. Purple, complete with a sleek, modern design and panoramas of the Washington Channel and beyond. Head there for creative cocktails like the 'Aren't You a Fineapple' (hennessy, grand marnier, cointreau, pineapple, lemon + lime), high-end bites (think oysters and rib-eye skewers) and, of course, the #views. You can now book a reservation for parties of up to six people for indoor seating and for parties of up to four people for the outdoor terrace.

La Vie

DC’s rivers do their best French Riviera impression at La Vie, a stunning and sleek restaurant at The Wharf featuring views of the Washington Channel from its rooftop terrace. Sophisticated Mediterranean vibes abound as you choose from a cocktail list divided into “Dip Your Toes,” “Dive In” or ”Off the Deep End” options and take in the waterfront scenes. Golden hour at La Vie also means happy hour prices, with bar bites and sunset drinks on weekdays from 4-7 p.m. Reservations are required. You can find out more about La Vie's reservation process through the restaurant's website .

Whiskey Charlie

Nautical vibes and top-notch cocktails are the name of the game at Whiskey Charlie, the rooftop bar perched atop the Canopy by Hilton hotel at The Wharf. Catch the perfectly Instagrammable sunset while enjoying a range of delightful drinks – we’re big fans of the Gentlemen's Pirate (Redemption bourbon, Grand Marnier, orange & walnut bitters) and Clouds Over Provence (vodka, blue velvet tea, blackberries & citrus). The rooftop is open on weekdays from 5 to 10 p.m., Saturdays from 2 to 10 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Whiskey Charlie is taking reservations online through OpenTable.

Get excited about sushi-with-a-view at O-Ku, one of the only restaurants near Union Market with a rooftop. While traditional sushi and sashimi reside on the menu, you’ll also be delighted by creative plates such as the salmon yaki kuro with black rice, asian pear, arugula and shiso cream. Accentuate the meal with a drink from O-Ku’s extensive sake, whiskey and cocktail offerings. O-Ku is now taking reservations for their rooftop bar through OpenTable and by phone at (202) 888-8790.

Top of the Yard

There’s perhaps no bar in DC that has more Natitude than Top of the Yard, which can be found on top of the Hampton Inn & Suites Washington DC - Navy Yard. You can catch a Washington Nationals game all spring and summer while noshing on ballpark-themed bites and brews at this rooftop abode that overlooks the gorgeous Nationals Park. Top of the Yard plans to reopen in mid-April.

El Techo

Billed as an “adult treehouse,” the turf-adorned El Techo brings the heat in Shaw with spicy margaritas and the creative Mexican street food you’ve come to expect from the downstairs Rito Loco shop. El Techo also offers Spanish-inspired tapas and a number of cervezas for the perfect warm-weather happy hour. El Techo's rooftop is now open and taking reservations. To learn more about the restaurant's safety protocols, visit its website.


An adventure in Adams Morgan is not complete without a visit to Perry’s, a neighborhood staple that opened its doors more than 30 years ago. Enjoy the delicious Japanese fare and an extensive beverage list that includes wine, Japanese whiskey and sake while you relax at the year-round bar or on the seasonal rooftop terrace. Perry's is now taking rooftop reservations.


This throwback dance club has dropped its loudest beat yet – a rooftop that tips its cap to raves of yore. You’ll feel Miami and Ibiza vibes as you dance the night away surrounded by palm trees, lounge furniture and vibrant lighting in a 2,500-square foot space. Creative cocktails like coconut-and-mango jalapeño margaritas and strawberry basil lemonade are available. Decades is currently only open for private events which need to be booked in advance by texting (202) 650-7326.


If you’re on the hunt for a Michelin-starred chef’s tribute to Italian cuisine, look no further than Nicholas Stefanelli’s Officina at The Wharf. This three-story market-restaurant-bar is also home to Terrazza, an alfresco rooftop bar inspired by terraces in the Eternal City. Take in gorgeous riverfront views all year (winter means cozying up by the outdoor fire pits) and imbibe with seasonal cocktails and a selection of bubbly. Terrazza can be enjoyed daily from 5-10 p.m. Enjoy the terrace by making a reservation today.

Columbia Room Punch Garden

Columbia Room, named the best American cocktail bar at the 2017 Spirited Awards, has a little-known secret: its a la carte rooftop punch garden. Creative cocktails from the mind of Derek Brown – a twist on a vodka punch stars sake, cucumber and pistachio, for example – can be sipped at this Blagden Alley locale ornamented with hanging greenery and Edison bulbs. Make a reservation to visit the Columbia Room today.

Summit the Rooftop

Sporting a superlative view from the heart of CityCenterDC, Summit the Rooftop at Conrad offers socially distanced tables and plenty of real estate to take in the surroundings. Its approach to food and drink leans socially conscious, with an eco-friendly solar oven (see: slow-cooked barbecue pork), food sourced from the Mid-Atlantic region and a community-oriented approach to its drink offerings via local and regional distillers, brewers and female winemakers.

801 Restaurant & Bar

"Good vibes only" isn't just the motto at 801 Restaurant & Bar, it's also the first thing patrons see (illuminated in white lights) when reaching the top of the stairs at this rooftop bar straddling the U Street and Shaw neighborhoods. If you're with a thirsty group, try the signature 801 Mega Mule – a multi-person Moscow Mule served in a massive copper mug. 801 offers socially distanced rooftop seating and use 50% of its indoor capacity. Please make a reservation online.

Roofers Union

Given its namesake, you’d expect this Adams Morgan eatery to feature an open air option, and it does not disappoint. The third floor hub boasts spectacular views of the buzzing neighborhood, while also offering craft cocktails and a popular punch bowl. Try the hearty menu (sriracha honey-glazed chicken wings!) while living the good life at the horseshoe bar. Roofers Union is taking reservations online to limit capacity on sit-down dinner service and on its rooftop.

Red Derby

Get your dive bar fix at Red Derby in Columbia Heights, sporting a beer list heavy on cans to go with thoughtful beer-shot specials – who wouldn’t want to try Pabst Blue Ribbon with Fireball? The rooftop deck bumps, providing a comfortable, hanging-out-at-your-friend’s-place atmosphere. The menu helps too: bar food like mac and cheese wedges and tacos sound perfect paired with a can of Natty Boh. Red Derby is taking reservations by email. If you're making the reservation the day of, call (202) 291-5000 after 4 p.m. Please make sure to give your first name, last name, phone number, how many people will be in your group and your preferred time slot. Visit the restaurant's Instagram for the most up-to-date information.


You can find this rooftop and green space atop Union Market. With many vendors in the market below and snacks and cocktails offered at this posh spot, a good time is assured. Guests can lounge on the turf or relax at a picnic table to admire in the 360-degree city views. Whether you reserve a spot or walk in, please follow safety regulations.

The W Hotel’s swank rooftop bar and lounge, POV, overlooks the White House and is favored by DC’s see-and-be-seen set. The view of the Washington Monument isn’t too shabby either. Bottle service is available at this hot spot and you’ll want to dress to impress if you head there for cocktails. Reservations are recommended.


Adorned with decorative plants and disco balls, this rooftop bar dubbed the “Green Room” provides plenty of funky beach vibes. Sip on a variety of cocktails and slushies paired with sandwiches and snacks, while overlooking the Shaw neighborhood. Reservations are recommended as seating is limited.

Graham Rooftop

Get a bird’s eye view of historic Georgetown and Washington, DC at the top of The Graham Hotel. The sleek rooftop bar features craft cocktails, flavorful bites (hello, Thai tiger shrimp flatbread), and bottle service. The business casual setting is rounded out by chic sofas and high-top tables. Reservations are not required but seating is first-come, first-served.


This spacious rooftop beer garden features a horseshoe-shaped bar, hanging plants and lights, a selection of 70 whiskeys and bourbons and craft beer and cocktails on tap. What more could you ask for? Enjoy happy hour on select weekdays or indulge in bottomless brunch on the weekends. Reservations are available through Resy.

About Refinery Rooftop

Refinery Rooftop is the crowning jewel of Refinery Hotel named America’s #1 Rooftop Bar & Hotel Bar for 3 consecutive years by USA Today. With awe-inspiring views of the Empire State Building and Manhattan Skyline, Refinery Rooftop is one of NoMad’s most dynamic spaces. By day, the fashion set come for Culinary Director Jeff Haskell’s full lunch menu—ordering Seared Yellowfin Tuna, Grilled Hanger Steak Flatbread, and the Little Gem Caesar Salad. At night, a lively crowd gathers for our signature cocktail list—developed by IGC Hospitality’s mixologists with a focus on natural ingredients paired in refreshing combinations. The industrial chic design features re-purposed water tower wood, vaulted brick walls and archways, terra cotta tiles, fairy lights, and a retractable glass roof atrium as well as a water fountain and fireplace. Refinery Rooftop is an all-season venue open 7 days a week serving lunch, brunch, evening small bites and open for late night cocktails.

Wrapping Up: Your London Event Venue

Nobody ever said planning an event was easy. There’s so much to consider from agenda to logistics, from attendees to venue. We compiled this list in hopes to lessen your burden as much as we possibly can. If you’re looking for additional assistance to your future event planning woes, you might wish to consider procuring an event management software to assist you in making your events the best they can possibly be!

In case you were planning a series of events in multiple cities, here are a few other pages for you to check out as well:

The right venue not only sets the tone of your event but might also come with additional services to help make your event a success.

More Dining Options

Hualalai Grille

Overlooking the 18th green of Hualalai Golf Course, our American steakhouse offers an intimate, club-like ambience and a menu of choice, grass-fed meat.

'ULU Ocean Grill

“R.S.A. – Regional, Seasonal and Artisanal” – cuisine is served alongside the surf and under the stars at our award-winning restaurant, where 75 percent of the ingredients comes from local farms and Hawaiian waters. The culinary philosophy is hyper-local, incorporating fresh, seasonal ingredients from the Island of Hawaii for both breakfast and dinner service. The elevated cuisine is prepared oven roasted, flame grilled and wok fired, fusing the flavours of Hawaii with techniques found throughout the Pacific Rim.

Beach Tree

Taste, see, relax, be. Beach Tree Restaurant evokes the feel of a Hawaiian beach house, where you can dine on the sand or in the open-air dining room. Savour California cuisine with a Mediterranean twist highlighting fresh ingredients from the island, paired with a highly curated wine list.

Poolside Dining

Dine alongside any one of our seven vibrant and relaxing pools by ordering directly from your chaise lounge chair or cabana. Each distinct menu was created to reflect the unique character of each pool experience, featuring signature cocktails and a range of gourmet options.

Hualalai Trading Company

Stop at the Trading Company, an all-day social space for snacking and shopping, for a morning latte or post-beach ice cream.

Residents' Beach House

Nestled just beyond Waiakauhi Pond and the 18th tee box of the Hualālai Golf Course, is the Residents’ Beach House. With casual lānai dining and menu of simply prepared seafood, this is a great venue to whale watch, take in an amazing sunset, or relax and sip on a decadent signature cocktail.

'ULU Sushi Lounge

Take a seat at the ocean-view bar or at the elegant, family-style table to experience Hawaii Island’s freshest sushi and craft cocktails. Experience the nightly omakase menu where our tenured sushi chefs display the passion for their craft, creating artistically plated sushi, sashimi, and nigiri of the highest quality fish.

Watch the video: Cucumber martini at City Space bar